The Two Tons – Backatcha (1980, Fantasy Honey Records)

Meet Martha Wash and Izdore Armstead. They are best known for their hit single “Its Raining Men” but before their launch to fame they were the Two Tons. This is their second album, a mix of adult R&B, disco and gospel tinged ballads. Its on the latter that this record excels. The song “I’ve got to make it on my own” is buried on the b-side but stands out for use of pedal steel (by Ray Gantek) and inspiring lyrics:

“So many say I’m wasting time
Just remember that this time is mine
And I’ll be doing the best I can
And in my heart I know my life will show
I’ve been my own woman.”

I\’ve got to make it on my own

After Two Tons split up in the late 80’s. Izdore (on the left) moved to Germany where she briefly formed a band with her daughter.

Martha Wash (on the right) continued to sing, contributing to hit R&B and dance singles. One of these was the 1991 single Gonna Make You Sweat by C+C Music Factory. She was the person singing “Everybody dance now!” The record label did not credit her for her vocals on that track because they found her appearance unmarketable. Martha successfully sued to receive proper credit.

The 1980 album “Backatcha” by Two Tons has never been digitally released. (Three of the eight tracks were released on a compiation record.) Martha Wash has a remarkable and and impressive voice that has been compared to Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin. She is still touring as a solo artist.

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