Introducing Connie and Ed (Pearce Records, circa 1970)

Another great find from the Lawrence antique mall. Connie and Ed are two crazy kids who love each other and love country music. Maybe not the best looking, or the best singers, but they wanted to make a record and gosh darn it, they did. Who am I to judge? Actually, there is real gold on this one, especially from Ed on his song “World of Dreams.”

World of Dreams

Connie does her thing too on “Wichita Waitress,” an ode to truck stop diner waitressing. Its kind of bizarre.

“Slapping sassy faces
and reading dirty minds
I’m a Wichita waitress
working on the main line

I’ve been propositioned
but never offered up
Lots of hawks around me
with eyes on this stuff”

Wichita Waitress

Stay tuned for side two, Connie and Ed cover Bread and John Fogerty!

One response to “Introducing Connie and Ed (Pearce Records, circa 1970)

  1. Oh my god! This is proof positive of the power of the pedal steel to make anything sound somewhat soulful. Connie’s ok. At least she stays in tune. Ed sounds like he wants to be Willie Nelson. Gotta give em credit for trying.

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