Brave Combo says “Everybody Polka!”

Brave Combo is the best band in America, and that is an undisputed fact. That’s why I don’t have to wait for Polka month (October) to post about the the 2 time Grammy award winning Polka band from Denton, Texas. If you find yourself anywhere between Dallas and St. Louis during the months of October/November, it is likely that Brave Combo will be playing within driving distance, and I recommend, nay, compel, you to seek them out. You will not be disappointed.

Let’s start with the track “Skin” that came out on the Duplex Planet flexi. Duplex Planet was a zine that compiled weird and funny things said by old people in a retirement home. The lyrics were written by a kooky old guy, the music is all Brave Combo.

“The skin could be reminiscent of Harry Truman
animals covered with fur, humans generally hair”

Brave Combo

Brave Combo

Brave Combo-Skin

The first time I met Carl Finch, the awesome singer from Brave Combo, was at Soulard Oktoberst in St. Louis. I told him that I had lived in Denton, and seen them a million times. He asked where I had lived in Denton, and I told him on Hickory, in the shack next to the old gas station where Joe Normile hangs out. Well, wouldn’t you know, he had lived in one of Joe’s other shacks, and we had a nice laugh about good old Joe Normile. Brave Combo has a headquarters on the square in Denton, in the window in a big sign that says “PEACE THROUGH POLKA.”

Brave Combo-No Sad Faces

Brave Combo-No Sad Faces

Llegada – from No Sad Faces

Brave Combo-Polkatharsis

Brave Combo-Polkatharsis

Crazy Serbian Butcher\'s Dance – from Polkatharsis

Let me leave you with Carl’s parting words from the Brave Combo blog (

“Remember to be yourself and accept that others are trying to do the same, but it’s hard. Love and Peace, Brothers and Sisters.”

And FINALLY here is Collin from Oktoberfest 2007 in Soulard!

2 responses to “Brave Combo says “Everybody Polka!”

  1. Wow! Some tenuous grasp on the Polka category in those first two pieces, definitely hear the Mexican and Caribbean influence. But hot damn that’s good! I’m going to keep my eye out for these guys. Polka! It isn’t just for steelworkers and guys named Stosh anymore. That’s good advice too by the way. I’ll try and hew more closely to it as the phlegm drains from my brain.

    On a different note, what’s your set up for digitizing this stuff? I was surprised by how good the flexi transfer sounded. I’m used to a lot more noise from them.

  2. Its a pretty basic setup and I am not doing any noise correction. RCA directly from the pre-amp into the 1/8 line-in on my laptop. I use EAC to capture the WAV and convert to MP3 using CDex. Both are free softwares.

    Flexis are awesome, I wish there were still places making them!

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