The Barrhead Bands in Concert 1978 (Fantasy Sound)

Barrhead Bands in Concert 1978

Barrhead Bands in Concert 1978

Lets take a trip up north, all the way to little Barrhead, Albaerta. We are listening to the 7th and 8th grade concert and stage bands with John Leonard directing. The track picks are pretty tame, except for the awesome version of “Son of a Preacher Man.” Why they picked this song, I have no idea. Surely they could not have predicted Quentin Tarantino picking the same song 16 years later for a pivotal scene in the movie Pulp Fiction. (The scene where Vincent Vega is waiting fro Mia to come down and she is talking to him over the intercom.) And you know what? Maybe old Quentin should have used the Barrhead Bands version instead, because it really is quite awesome. Hang in there for the hand claps. (The MPM loves hand claps!)

Son of a Preacher Man

Another funny thing about this record is the choice of cover art. It seems that Fantasy Sound was getting a lot of use out of this water cashing on the rocks shot. From the Candian blog Five Bucks on By-Tor we can see a reuse of the same photo for another school band.

2 responses to “The Barrhead Bands in Concert 1978 (Fantasy Sound)

  1. OMG! That was awesome! I especially love the bit around 2:45, just before the drum ‘solo.’ It seems like everything is going to fall apart. But BAM! There right back with the slight brain damaged Rat Pack having a seizure vibe swingin’ out loud. Oh yeah! THAT is what music is all about! tell me the back of the album has a picture of them. If so, you need to get that puppy up here. And the hand claps were equally as awesome.

  2. Custom recording houses had stock shots they used on lots of different records – there’s one particular mountain scene I’ve seen used all over the place. Just discovered your site – love it. I think you might be entertained by my post of Canadian school band records.

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