Sunday Morning – Jad Fair with Daisy Cooper, 2007 (People in a Position to Know Records)

This track has its finger on all my buzzers – outsider artists, Texas, boutique vinyl and cover songs. Whew. Let’s get started.

Jad Fair, freaky-deaky Austin-area songster has been making noise forever. And most of that noise is pretty weird. Not quite Jandek weird, but still, the kind of music that would cause most people to make a sad face. People in a Position to Know described this record best, “It is an extremely weird Jad Fair record, largely because it is from Jad Fair and it is NOT weird.”

This record was part of the PIAPTK record subscription club, oh which there were only 100 subscriptions. It is on square, clear, hand lathed vinyl and came packed with a semi-translucent Jad Fair designed insert. Its really quite nice, and I feel super lucky to have this! Maybe I will share some of the other neat-o records I received through my subscription another day.

Today I have Jad Fair and Daisy Cooper’s cover of the Velvet Undergrounds “Sunday Morning.” Its pretty and fragile and it falls apart in all the right places. Enjoy!

Sunday Morning (download)

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