Teeny Weeny Tango and Curtain Time – Peggy Serra (Kenn Records, 1970?)

The mysterious Kenn Records! All we know about them is that they once employed Herb Albert as a songwriter. These two 45’s each have the track with vocals on one side, and the same track without vocals on the other, suggesting they were produced for children’s chorus? Whatever the case, here are some kid songs, play them for your rug rats, or play them ironically at your next Yacht Rock Tot Rock hipster party. Enjoy, dude!

“The dance
comes all the way from Argentina
A tune
played on a tiny concertina

and slide, across the floor
Let’s do
The teeny weeny tango.”


Has the mystery of Kenn Records been solved? A reader wrote in:

Growing up, I studied at Ken and Jean Dance Studio in the Pittsburgh area.  Our teacher, Ken Phifer, wrote and produced Kenn Records.  They were always used as repertory for the pre-school classes.  The children would do moves to the lyrics at the beginning and then go into a more elaborate dance sequence during the instrumental part at the end.  There were a lot of dance related songs like “The Kimbo Bop,” “Mini Charleston Rag,” and “Dancing Poodles” (we come from France/ and when we dance/ we always do ballet).  There were also songs that didn’t have to do with dancing specifically, like “I’m Something Special,” “I’m Growing Up,” and “When I Grow Up.”  I’m in my 30’s now and can still remember the words and moves to a bunch of them.

Curtain Time (download)

Teeny Weeny Tango (download)

One response to “Teeny Weeny Tango and Curtain Time – Peggy Serra (Kenn Records, 1970?)

  1. I found a Kenn Record today! The song is “All I Want Is Mink” and side A is a vocal and side B is the instrumental of the same song. Aloha, Shack.

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