Boogsie Sharpe – Steel and Brass Equals Gold, 1988 (Strakers’s Records)

This is Boogsie Sharpe’s ELEVENTH record. God knows how many he has recorded. He is still playing Carnival in Trinidad, his Pan band is one of the best. What is astonishing is that on his ELEVENTH record, he is selling ad space. Ad space for a car repair shop and a moving company. I am actually surprised that I don’t see this more often!

Boogsie is a solid gold pan man. (A.K.K. steel drums, whatever you want to call them.) I personally lump this music into a broad category I call “calypso” but I know I am wrong. I just don’t care. Steel drums annoy me so much, I just can’t stand it. But, hey, if its your thing– have at it mon!

Bacchanal Lady/Party Mix (download)

And here is a bonus for you to enjoy. Boogsie Sharpe recorded a song by the one and only ROY AYERS in 1979 (well, past the Roy Ayers hey-day, but whatevs), “Can’t you see me?” Here is a youtube of the vibraphone king, ROY AYERS, doing “Can’t you see me?” (I am still on the lookout for the Boogsie record “Phase II Pan Groove.” Buy it for me if you see it!

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