The Treacherous Three – Xmas Rap Un-Censored, feat. Doug E. Fresh, 1984 (Sugar Hill Records)


“Jingle, Jangle,
Jingle for the poor
and once you get your welfare check
you can kiss my mistletoe
Ho Ho Ho”

Rap beef. We’ve all heard about Biggie and Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z, Ice Cube and Easy E. But the rap beef you probably HAVEN’T heard about is the ongoing feud between The Treacherous Three and Santa Claus.

Xmas Rap is pretty much a diss track on Santa. And from what L.A. Sunshine, Kool Moe Dee and Special K have to say, the beef is justified. These guys don’t have Christmas tree, they don’t have a warm coat and when Santa shows up he is drunk and he gives them a G.I. Joe with a broken Kung-Fu grip. That’s messed up y’all.

But hold up– Santa’s got something to say here. The economy is bad, brothers be robbing him, the elves aren’t working for free. And the worst part, Santa doesn’t even have a ride:

“If you ask me I’m doing much worse worse than before
with the welfare cuts I don’t eat no more
If I did want to go out I couldn’t go no where
Cause I ate every last one of them reindeer”

That’s right. Santa ate the reindeer.
Merry Christmas!

The Treacherous Three – Xmas Rap Un-Censored (download)
(link fixed 10/07/09–thempm)

8 responses to “The Treacherous Three – Xmas Rap Un-Censored, feat. Doug E. Fresh, 1984 (Sugar Hill Records)

  1. Hey, the stream ain’t working and the IA says the download isn’t available “due to issues with the item’s content.”

  2. Well, hell. Re-upping on rapidshare. Gimme 5 minutes. grumble grumble grumble….

  3. greetings…any chance you created this from a record? there seem to be a couple skips at the beginning between :30 – :40…not that i’m being ungrateful, as this is the only version i’ve found of this song….and i’ve been lookin! thanks!

    • Hi Kevin, thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, this is ripped from vinyl, and yes, there is a skip. I was disappointed too. Lemme know if you find a better copy!

  4. Word is if you have some server space the hosting could go hella sweet. The question is if you want to stream it, let people download it, or what. Seeing as paying for anything sucks you are probably doing the best anyone could to begin with.

  5. This song is a true find, but RapidShare does not seem to have it on their servers any longer. Any reason you didn’t use I’d love to get a copy of this song!

  6. link fixed! enjoy!

  7. YOU are absolutely awesome!!!

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