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Teen Challengers Choir, with Converted Gang Members and Drug Addicts, c. 1960

teen-challengeI was weirdly was acquainted with Teen Challenge before I found this record. Two friends from St. Louis had been brought up in an Assembly of God church that sponsored a Teen Challenge program. Their experiences with it were pretty much limited to finding awesome vintage high-heels at the Teen Challenge thrift store, but it has stuck with me none the less. (Or even more??  I still covet those wooden heel boots Mrs. Evans!)

The Teen Challenge Choir exists in sort of a vacuum. Who are they? Where did they come from? And as an avid watcher of the television show “Intervention” I can only wonder– where are they now? Did they kick the junk? Are they still ridin’ dirty? Wouldn’t it be cool if a former Teen Challenge Choir member commented in this post? Yes! It would be cool!

And as if that wasn’t enough to pique your curious ears– there is a dark side to Teen Challenge! “Teen Challenge students are forced to sign up for food stamps and turn the card over to the staff, and if they become sick or injured and cannot make money for the ministry, they are unceremoniously dumped at the bus station, regardless of whether or not they have any money. The bottom line is, they are there to make money for that ministry. If they can’t, then they’re gone.” Are there any truth to these claims? Investigate for yourself at Teen Challenge EXPOSED.

And if your investigations here, or otherwise, lead you astray, allow me to supply you with gospel music to bring you back to path of righteousness. The Teen Challengers singing “Teach Me Lord To Wait.” A tune you can just say YES to.

Teach Me Lord To Wait (download)


You’re Fired!

_george-bush“You and yours and all your wars have run your last campaign
You’re fired from a job you never should have had
That hideous strength absolutely sinks
You better watch your back
Let the door hit you on the ass”

Lets enjoy this day! Adios fuck-face!

The Evens – “Everybody Knows” (download)

9.9 – Owch! Hot Blood Pressure, 1985 (RCA Records)

99There is so much to say about 9.9, where do I start?

9.9 got their start singing on street corners in Boston. They released one album, 9.9, in 1985. They lasted two years together as a group before Margo Thunder, Leslie Jones and Wanda Per decided to go their seperate ways.

As far as 80’s R&B girl groups go, 9.9 doesnt really stand out for much except for their “aerobics ready” outfits and the fact that one of of the ladies its pretty obviously a man. (Tell me the chick on the right is not packin’ some d.) However, the sound is surprisingly trendy as this album has all the hallmarks of the 80’s retro fad we are currently experiencing.

Anyway, lets address the elephant in the room– wtf is hot blood pressure?

“Hes got me all wet / hes the man I’ve got to get / I need him ’round / to turn my thermostat down”

So, there you go. This one is a gem. Enjoy.

“Owch! Hot Blood Pressure (download)

El Bolonazo y La Ramona – Los Joker’s Volume 12, Estelar Records (c. 1975)

bolonazoI bought this record at Thrift Town in Ag-town a few years ago. It has been a personal favorite for a while. I played this all the time at record spins, just wait until you hear how great it is.

It took me forever to figure anything out about this band. I assumed they were from Mexico, but only tonight realized they are from Ecuador. (Portoviejo, Manabi to be more exact.) I can not explain whats going on in this record cover. There is a fat woman chasing a fat man riding a moped down the street. The songs seems to be telling the story of why the woman is chasing the fat man, but I unfortunately don’t habla espanol.

The song I have for you is called “Vaca Muuu”. “Muu” is what Vacas say in Ecuador, which is the same as what Cows say in America. Mooo…

The back cover has pictures of all the band members and it looks like the cast of That Ecuadorian 70’s Show. This record couldn’t really get much better. Enjoy.

Vaca Muu – Los Jokers (downoad)