9.9 – Owch! Hot Blood Pressure, 1985 (RCA Records)

99There is so much to say about 9.9, where do I start?

9.9 got their start singing on street corners in Boston. They released one album, 9.9, in 1985. They lasted two years together as a group before Margo Thunder, Leslie Jones and Wanda Per decided to go their seperate ways.

As far as 80’s R&B girl groups go, 9.9 doesnt really stand out for much except for their “aerobics ready” outfits and the fact that one of of the ladies its pretty obviously a man. (Tell me the chick on the right is not packin’ some d.) However, the sound is surprisingly trendy as this album has all the hallmarks of the 80’s retro fad we are currently experiencing.

Anyway, lets address the elephant in the room– wtf is hot blood pressure?

“Hes got me all wet / hes the man I’ve got to get / I need him ’round / to turn my thermostat down”

So, there you go. This one is a gem. Enjoy.

“Owch! Hot Blood Pressure (download)

One response to “9.9 – Owch! Hot Blood Pressure, 1985 (RCA Records)

  1. “packin’ some d”…can I use that?

    Is it just me or is there something vaguely nautical about this, like it could have been playing on an episode of “The Love Boat”. Or if s/he’s really “packin some d” maybe an Eddie Murphy movie?

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