Teen Challengers Choir, with Converted Gang Members and Drug Addicts, c. 1960

teen-challengeI was weirdly was acquainted with Teen Challenge before I found this record. Two friends from St. Louis had been brought up in an Assembly of God church that sponsored a Teen Challenge program. Their experiences with it were pretty much limited to finding awesome vintage high-heels at the Teen Challenge thrift store, but it has stuck with me none the less. (Or even more??  I still covet those wooden heel boots Mrs. Evans!)

The Teen Challenge Choir exists in sort of a vacuum. Who are they? Where did they come from? And as an avid watcher of the television show “Intervention” I can only wonder– where are they now? Did they kick the junk? Are they still ridin’ dirty? Wouldn’t it be cool if a former Teen Challenge Choir member commented in this post? Yes! It would be cool!

And as if that wasn’t enough to pique your curious ears– there is a dark side to Teen Challenge! “Teen Challenge students are forced to sign up for food stamps and turn the card over to the staff, and if they become sick or injured and cannot make money for the ministry, they are unceremoniously dumped at the bus station, regardless of whether or not they have any money. The bottom line is, they are there to make money for that ministry. If they can’t, then they’re gone.” Are there any truth to these claims? Investigate for yourself at Teen Challenge EXPOSED.

And if your investigations here, or otherwise, lead you astray, allow me to supply you with gospel music to bring you back to path of righteousness. The Teen Challengers singing “Teach Me Lord To Wait.” A tune you can just say YES to.

Teach Me Lord To Wait (download)

3 responses to “Teen Challengers Choir, with Converted Gang Members and Drug Addicts, c. 1960

  1. In all honesty, the Teen Challenge EXPOSED report doesn’t go nearly far enough. Case in point: Teen Challenge is connected to the Assemblies of God Church.

    At first this seems trivial, because it’s yet another music / rehab group tied to a church. And, who HASN’T been through rehab while singing gospel? But a quick Wikipedia search for the program reveals that, “Currently Teen Challenge International USA is headquartered in Springfield, MO.”

    That’s right! Teen Challenge is headquartered in Springfield, MO! And so was John Ashcroft.

    Say what?

    Throw in that Mr. Ashcroft is musically inclined, that he came from an exceptionally religious background, and he had a High School band too and then the truth starts to come out. The Teen Challenge site even hints at it:


    Mr. Ashcroft even served on the Teen Challenge board!

    So the truth my friend? What is this truth of which I speak? And what is Mr. Ashcroft’s connection – if any – to the afore mentioned album? Well, without the credits we can only speculate, but it’s quite possible that we are dealing with an album that was executive produced by the former Attorney General of the United States.

    Lord knows what would have happened had this come up during his confirmation hearing!

  2. Just wanted to let you know my mom was in the The Teen Challenge Addicts Choir. so the questions you asked is did they kick the habbit, I can not speak for all, but I will speak for my mother, thanks to teen Challenge she did. She will be 70 (2010). Hmm sounds funny to me as I never have looked at her, at her age. If you knew her you would never guess that she had a past, dealing with drugs, gangs and all the torment that comes with this lifestyle. I have alot of respect for my mom, not just because she is my mom, but because of what she has been through, and has come out of.

    I am proud to say that Teen Challenge has come through for her when so many people turned away.

    Today, she is a strongwoman of God, working more then 40 hours a week, and one of the most honest people you will ever meet.

    If it wasn’t for Teen challenge, many people would be dead, or still Drug Addicts.

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