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Robby England – I Feel Good (When I’m With You), Relco Records

robbyenglandI have been getting steadily obsessed with the Nashville scene. There are so many 45’s I pick up that are stamped with a Nashville P.O. Box address and I usually can’t find and info on the artists or the labels. It kind of drives me a little nuts. Maybe someday I will start to put together discographies for these labels.

When I listened to track my mind instantly went into movie montage mode– recoding in the studio, high-fives, somebody saying “You’re going straight to the top Robby England!”, a make-over, headshots, someone holding up the 45 and daydreaming about the great things to come. But now we know, Robby never went anywhere except the bargain bin at the antique store.

Side A is a nice little tune written by James Ratliff.

“We walk along the streams / dreamin the same dreams / with the water driftin gently as it flows / its cooling to the touch / cause i love you so much / and a bluebird is singing as we go”

“I Feel Good (When I’m With You)” download

A little hokey? Sure. But isn’t love totally hokey anyway? If I had to guess, the lyrics are not what doomed this tune, it was the singing. This guy almost sounds like he has a gun to his head. Where I should be feeling “bluebirds singing”  I am instead seeing Gil Gunderson.

I flipped the record and the whole scene changed. Did Robby England get a glimpse of the future.? Side B is a trick-track. “For the Love of a Girl” starts of with a sweet dialogue of whether or not to tell her how much he loves her. Totally cuters. But then, suddenly, he gives up and goes and gets drunk. What the hell happened Robby England? Did you give up on your dreams that quickly?

“For the Love of a Girl” download

“Whats the use of trying go on / When she just brings more hurt on / So I say “Lady, bring another beer” / So it can catch all of these tears”

This also makes me wonder if there would even be a genre known as “Country Music” if the words “tear” and “beer” didn’t rhyme.