Runt (Todd Rundgren) – We Gotta Get You A Woman, 1970 (Ampex Records)

runtTodd Rundgren, is there anything he can’t do? I trust you can read the man’s wikipedia page, but I will give you some highlights.

After a top 40 hit with “We gotta get you a woman” he went on to become a prog rock stage spectacle, bought Eric Clapton’s guitar, scored 4 episodes of Pee-Wee’s playhouse, recorded 21 records, developed one of the first computer paint programs, and produced records for XTC, New York Dolls, Bad Religion and like a million other bands. Todd and I share the same birthday, June 22.

This particular track was recorded under the name “Runt” a psyedonem Todd used for only two records before he stopped pretending that he wasn’t playing all the instruments himself.

This is a pretty straight forward pop-ballad.  Its almost got kind of a yacht rock/allman bros thing going on. I dig it. Let me know what you think.

Runt – We Gotta Get You A Woman (download)

(Lucky you! This track is still “in print” on various comps and as a remastered digital download. The track I am providing is ripped from vinyl and is here for you as a preview copy. Don”t be a jerk, if you like it buy it!)

3 responses to “Runt (Todd Rundgren) – We Gotta Get You A Woman, 1970 (Ampex Records)

  1. This is a fun piece but the flip side was better. Somewhere I have a promotional copy of it. We had a radio station in the high school I went to and we used to get promo discs from some of the record companies. Ampex was particularly generous sending to us. After a time I took many of them home, including this one. There were also Ian & Sylvia cuts that Rundgen produced while at Ampex.

    The flip side, BTW was about Laura Nyro, who worked with Todd when they were both in Philedelphia in the mid sixties. I’m a sucker for suites.

  2. I fell in love with Todd when I heard this song! He was way ahead of his time, invented the music video.

  3. i have a promotional copy of the album runt on ampex recorbs. anybody interested. the album and cover are in very good shape

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