Monnig Junior High Alma Mater (Ft. Worth, Texas), 1961

monnigThis little record is a real treat. An audio artifact. A little piece of Americana that floated into my collection from Mineola, Texas. I didn’t even know I had this until I was going through one of many stacks of 45’s I have laying around. Let it never be said that I don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel for yall.

Monnig Junior High is in Fort Worth, Texas. I don’t really know anything about the school, and I have no idea what it was like in 1961, except that was the year that my parents were in jr. high, so I kind of use that for a gauge.

Two tracks here, the first is the alma mater sung by Devon Hamilton and accompaniment from Marie Wright. The flip side is “Thanks for the Memory” by the boys and girls select group with accompaniment by Marie Wright.

These tracks should be listened to during a commercial break while watching King of the Hill. Because we all know that “Arlen, Texas” is a not so cleverly disguised Arlington. And Arlington is just a jump down I-20 from Fort Worth-less.

Fort Worth is special in a lot of ways to me. I spent a lot of time there. Driving my beater into the city to see shows, it was the first time I ever drove the wrong way down a one way street. My prom was in Fort Worth. The Ranch Style beans factory is in Fort Worth, and that is reason alone to love it. Its where the “West Begins,” and maybe thats why I am in the mess I am today. I have sat upon the banks of the Trinity, where the Clear Fork and the West Fork meet. You can’t begin to  understand the smell.

Monnig Junior High Alma Mater (download)

Thanks for the Memory (download)

One response to “Monnig Junior High Alma Mater (Ft. Worth, Texas), 1961

  1. I attended Monnig for the first 3 weeks in 1962 then our family had to move to Boston MA. I wish I could find the lyrics, couldn’t quite make out the next to last verse of this song.

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