Any Trouble (s/t) – “Playing Bogart” (Stiff Records, 1987)

any-troubleAny Trouble had a huge problem from the start. Singer Clive Gregson sounds a lot like Elvis Costello. The band found great initial success but eventually the comaprisons to “Punch the Clock” prevailed. This, their first record, was thier most sucsessful.

This particular record is a real treat. Dancy, fun music at its best. In short, solid gold pop.  They have a Dire Strights thing going on towards the end. Recommended if you like REM, the DBs and Elvis Costello.

Any Trouble – Playing Bogart (download)

One response to “Any Trouble (s/t) – “Playing Bogart” (Stiff Records, 1987)

  1. Hey: Just a thank you for the Raspberry Pirates tune. I’ll put it on me next compilation. Can’t really figure out what you’re about but you sure know music. Thanks again.

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