Chillin With The Refrigerator – The Fat Boys (Sutra Records, 1985)

fatboysNumber 72 for the Chicago Bears, William Perry made his pro-football debut in 1985. He was knick named “The Refrigeerator” because he quite literally was; at 6’2″ tall and 382 pounds his size was an intimidating as it was effective. He became famous as a defensive lineman, a position which specializes in tackling.

The Fat Bays were also new to their career in 1985. Kool Rock Ski, Prince Markie Dee and Buff Love the Huan Beat Box were just three chubby guys from Brooklyn. Over the next six years they would go on to record six Platium records.

It was only natural that they would collaborate on a music project.

“Over 300 pounds of human flesh / and at my point of view, he’s the best / don’t be surprised / at what you see / it’s the Fat Boys / and William Perry”

This track is a special 12″, and it doesn’t appear anywhere else that I know of. I personally think this is a pretty good track. And in general I like the Fat Boys. I think they were sort of overlooked because of the gimmick. This track is worth it for the beatboxing alone.

Chillin’ With the Refrigerator – The Fat Boys (download)

3 responses to “Chillin With The Refrigerator – The Fat Boys (Sutra Records, 1985)

  1. Sounds a bit faster and higher pitch than I remember it. You might want to calibrate your record player.

    • i might have a shitty turn-table but at least i don’t have to listen to my records in my mom’s basement.

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