Demi’s Tapes (home recording, c.a. 1999)

demistapesDemi’s Tapes is a home recording by a room full of young girls. It sounds like it might be a slumber party or something. The entire recording is pretty long… I haven’t listened to the whole thing. A little tedious at times, but overall its a cute and disarmingly honest home recording.

The girls pass the microphone around, alternating between gross out humor (farting ,talking about “chunky burps”), weather reports, impromptu songs, trying on clothes and making fun of each other.

This is just a short clip. If you like it, then build me a robot that will record WAV files… or just let me know you want to hear more and I will record it myself.

“on my way to colorado” – Demi’s Tapes (stream & download)

3 responses to “Demi’s Tapes (home recording, c.a. 1999)

  1. Where did you find this? I love it! I will totally build you a WAV recording robot. Or you could use audacity and capture it from your line in. That’s what I always do. I would like to hear more of this. And more of how you came across this little gem.

  2. That’s what I do too. But I have to cue the tape, capture the WAV, convert it, upload it and link it. Too much work! (And too similar to what I do at work.) I want a blog intern.

  3. You could write a grant for that…

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