Untitled Mix Tape 1 (Kansas, c.a. 1999)

untitledmix1This tape was found at the Social Service League thrift store. It was one of a handful I picked up on my last trip there. (This was also where I found Demi’s Tapes). This mix started out strong but it fizzled just as it was getting good. Someone was evidently taping over some adult new age music, the kind with synthesizers, drum machines and un-necessary crescendos. I like to think that who ever was using this tape to record R&B jams off Power 94.5 (Manhatten, Junction City, Fort Riley, KS) realized a little too late that she had her Mom’s Yanni tape in her boom box. Little did she know she was doing the world a small favor.

The only track on here that is not doing it for me is the Amy Grant track, and that’s the one that get cut off about a minute into it. It probably wasn’t meant to be on here anyway. With that in mind, this is a totally awesome mini-mix. Bonus Janet Jackson video follows, tell me you don’t want her stereo!


I will be your comfort – Shai

Thats the way love is – Bobby Brown

That’s the way love goes  – Janet Jackson

Good for me – Amy Grant (cut off)

One response to “Untitled Mix Tape 1 (Kansas, c.a. 1999)

  1. Wow. This is just another little nugget of awesome. It makes me miss the old muxtape.

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