Plain and Simple – T. Roy Thomas (TRT Productions, c.a 1995)

t. royThis tape came from the wilds of Southeast Missouri. A place where mullets are still free to roam the lands, blowing free the Ozark Mountain air. A place where hillbillies mingle freely with rednecks, and, owing to their proximity to Nashville, produce some of the most awesomely bad country music known to man. This tape is a rare treat. I hope you enjoy it.

Honky Tonk Zone

“Well I got blasted the other night / I should have never crossed that line

And it came to my surprise / as they towed me away

I was in the honkey tonk zone / I been dancing all night long

I discovered a mean two-step / Lord, I feel alive

I been wearing these cowboy boots / This is all I want to do

And I found another home / in the honkey tonk zone”

Recorded at Texana Sound Studio, Nashville, TN; Producer, Kurt Ryle; Co-Producer, T. Thomas (for TRT); Engineer, Ken Isham; Asst. Engineer, Jim Leggette.

From the liner notes: “I would like to thank Jerry Kennedy for teaching me patience. Also thanks to the Sidewinders that played on this session. (Great pickers). The Lord has blessed me very much to surround me with such talent and friends in my life. And I thank him daily.”

Honky Tonk Zone – T. Roy Thomas (download&stream)

3 responses to “Plain and Simple – T. Roy Thomas (TRT Productions, c.a 1995)

  1. You’re welcome!! Now when are we going to see a little known banjo player by the name of Freddy Morgan.

  2. nice blog! this is actually a fairly competent country song. the lyrics are terrible, but he’s right–the sidewinders need to be thanked for saving this track.

    that album cover is AMAZING.

    a colleague of ours grew up in missouri. i never realized pockets of it were so redneck until talking with her, my only midwest excursion having been to chicago.

  3. T. Roy is really good. – i always liked his “I feel Like Haggard Today” song. I used to hang with him and an old buddy name Mike(the Welder) in Beechgrove, TN. Hell, I even gave T. Roy some bib overalls one time to help him get back in the “Redneck Writing Mode”. Haven’t seen him in years now, Hope he’s doin fine!

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