Morning Dew – John Wells (Sunshine Country Records, 1973)

johnwellsRecorded at Sunshine Records Enterprizes [sic], Arlington, Texas, this record is notable to me not necessarily for the content, but for the context. Texas may be known for county music, but Arlington, Texas is known for one thing– heavy metal.

Just 10 years after this hokey tune was recorded another band put this metro-plex city on the map, Pantera. Recorded just a few miles away, Metal Magic (1983) brought 4 kids from Arlington to national attention.

I will resist the urge to wax philospic on this dichotomy, but needless to say, this was a weird fucking town to grown up in, and continues to be strange and surreal place for me to visit.

Morning Dew – John Wells (download&stream)

One response to “Morning Dew – John Wells (Sunshine Country Records, 1973)

  1. Ok, I don’t know why but the possibly related posts that were generated for me on page load were yer post on Todd Rundgren’s “Runt.” And one for Huckabee conceding in Florida, the link for which was dead by the way. I think you should be investigating the Huckabee-Heavy Metal connections. that way the truth lies…

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