I Luv My Skul (2009)

i luv my skul ag-town1If you went to high school in Fort Worth, Ag-town, GP, H.E.B or points in between you will want to check out this track. My sister forwarded it to me after her Vice-Principal sent it around to all the teachers at her high school. (Go Poly Parrots!)

This is basically a roll call rap that names every single high school west of Dallas in the metro area. I don’t know anything about the track other then the interesting spelling used for the track name. Would love to find out who this is!

“We back in the Ag
Lets get it started
What’s really good Sam?
What it is Martin?
I’m at Bowie
Lookin’ for a cutie
Seguin got girls
on cross gaurd duty
Headed to Lamar
and Ag-Town High
I’m leavin’ the Ag
Cops gotta hide
Timberview just this
side of Legacy
Now I’m headin North
into GP”

I Luv My Skul (download&stream)

photo coutesy @pkcoolguy. yes, he really got the city of arlington logo tattooed on himself. Go tell him how awesome it is.

3 responses to “I Luv My Skul (2009)

  1. Just so you know… They got Dallas skuls in thur too… Carter… Pinkston… They start in Dallas on their tour… Not sure why they include Plano East & Plano West.

  2. Oh, and my favorite part is when they hit up the Parks Mall when they cruise… Or the Racetrack gas station.

  3. yeah i busted up when i heard the part about racetrack, like they couldn’t think of anything better to say about the Ag. and come to think of it, neither can i…

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