Untitled Mix Tape – Chanute, Kansas (1998)

chanuteI had to hold on for dear life while listening to this one, but it paid off in the end. Fairly standard taped off the radio fair here, all coming from Y105.5 Chanute, Kansas. There is a completely dated commercial at the end of side 1 thats pretty funny. Side 2 mixes in a little country, but then out of nowhere, The Cult.

The final two tracks by The Cult are from the 1987 Rick Rubin produced album “Electric.” The rest of this tape are all hit songs from 11 years later. I initially thought maybe the off-air recordings were taped on top of a pilfered transfer of “Electric” but the two tracks are out of order from the original album.

After some consideration I have deduced that this is a classic case of Older Sibling Taste-Making. This syndrome plays out in a number of ways, most notably with the younger sibling jacking CDs from the older. As an older sybling I can speak with authority to this phenomenon, and I continue to this day to pester my lil’ sis’ to return some of my most cherished records. (Which she continues to this day to deny jacking.)

And even though my Suicidal Tendancies records may never be returned to me, I like to think my influence prevented a potential catastrophe– a life long Korn or Celine Dion fan. I can only hope that a similar fate awaited this mix-tape artist in Chanute, Kansas. A lot of pressure falls on the first born, but musical taste-maker might just be the most important.

Matchbox 20 – 3am
Robyn – Show Me Love
Chumba Wumba – I Get Knocked Down
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Titanic theme)
(Commercial for American Financial Trading Corporation “The worlds oil fields remain inside a powder keg with a short fuse, learn how you can invest in these markets.”)

Backstreet Boys – As Long As You Love Me (incomplete)
Savage Garden – Truly, Madly, Deeply
Garth Brooks – Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til the Sun Comes Up
Faith Hill – It Matters To Me
The Cult – Outlaw
The Cult – Bad Fun

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