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The Rave-Ups – These Wishes b/w Big Wide River 12″ (Fun Stuff Records, 1986)

raveupsepJimmer Podrasky and the boys from Beverly Hills are back with a two song EP. Released one year before they signed to Epic– and epically failed to make a name for themselves on the label– these are both great tunes.

I like these guys. They have kind of a roots-rock sound but it has plenty of poppy hooks and they aren’t afraid of a bitchin’ guitar solo. There is no use trying to figure why bands like this fall through the cracks, especially with lyrics like:

“You’re kisses don’t seem so rad anymore / like you were kissing thin air / your love is like a foggy vacation / and I’m wishin’ you were clear”

OK, seriously? “You’re kisses don’t seem so rad anymore”?

Thats fucking gold. Actaully, its fucking rad.

These Wishes – The Rave-Ups (download&stream)


The Rave-Ups – Class Tramp (Fun Stuff Records, 1983)

raveupsSo, lets just get this out of the way. I am not a huge John Hughes fan. Sue me, I have a cold dead heart. When I scored this record at the Lawrence Public Library sale today for a dime, it was because I had a hunch that it might be some passable early 80’s pop.  I didn’t notice that Beth Ringwald is thanked in the liner notes. And I certainly didn’t know that this was the band that played the club scene in Sixteen Candles.

So, it turns out that Beth Ringwald is Molly Ringwald’s older sister. And the reason the Rave-Ups, an otherwise unknown L.A. pop-band, managed to audition personally for Mr. Hughes and appear in the film? Another classic case of sibling taste-making. Molly might have been the movie star, but Beth was still the older sister, and she was into the Rave-Ups. (So into them that she had a son, Chance, with lead singe Jimmer Podrasky in 1990.)

This is the Rave-Ups first album, a six song EP, guitar driven and hook laden the way pop was meant to be. Sounds like goofy REM or maybe a less spastic DBs. Its innocent, and funny and kind of sweet. In short, it sounds like a John Hughes flick. Enjoy.

They Do Talk – The Rave-Ups (download&stream)
That Mexico Song – The Rave-Ups (download&stream)
It’s You – The Rave-Ups (download&stream)