The Rave-Ups – These Wishes b/w Big Wide River 12″ (Fun Stuff Records, 1986)

raveupsepJimmer Podrasky and the boys from Beverly Hills are back with a two song EP. Released one year before they signed to Epic– and epically failed to make a name for themselves on the label– these are both great tunes.

I like these guys. They have kind of a roots-rock sound but it has plenty of poppy hooks and they aren’t afraid of a bitchin’ guitar solo. There is no use trying to figure why bands like this fall through the cracks, especially with lyrics like:

“You’re kisses don’t seem so rad anymore / like you were kissing thin air / your love is like a foggy vacation / and I’m wishin’ you were clear”

OK, seriously? “You’re kisses don’t seem so rad anymore”?

Thats fucking gold. Actaully, its fucking rad.

These Wishes – The Rave-Ups (download&stream)


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