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The Texas Instruments – s/t, 1987 (Rabid Cat Records)

I don’t know a lot about this band, but from what I can tell, they definitely have earned their place in the Austin music scene. The Texas Instruments (namesake of the Texas-born titan of circuits, calculators and embedded processing)  are frequently named as examples of Austin’s “New Sincerity” music style alongside other Austin groups such as the Wild Seeds, the Reivers and the True Believers. Recording with Daniel Johnston (Continued Story cassette, 1985) and appearing in the 1991 movie Slacker are certainly two large feathers in their “indie-cred” cap.

More than anything this record reminds me of the Screaming Trees, especially their 1987 release Even If and Especially When, a record I really, really like. Its a real bummer that this group seems to have fallen through the cracks (especially in the “Live Music Capital of the World” … *roll eyes*) Compare this track with Life’s Rich Pagaent-era R.E.M. and the comparisons the Athens’ scene are obvious. (Or compare to Athen’s heros Pylon for that matter.)  This is one of those “missing link” type bands that, in this case, didn’t ride the wave of punk that came before them or full-fledged grunge that rose to popularity several years later. RIYL Meat Puppets, R.E.M., Minute Men

Prussian Blue-The Texas Instruments (download&stream)


Artie White – Blues Boy (Ronn Records, Stan’s Records Division, 1985)

PICT0049“You’re my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and you chase all my blues away”

Can you judge a record by it’s cover? Hell no. But damned if I’m not gettin’ close. Mr. Artie “Blues Boy” White is one of *shhh* several dozen *hush* records I picked up during the Love Garden moving sale. Tell me he doesn’t look like he can sing  the blues– sometimes you just know.

“You’re everything I need, baby you’re my leaning tree”

This is the first full length from the the “Blues Boy,” and its got all the soul, R&B and blues you could ever want. Artie’s gonna take good care of you. If your idea of Chicago blues came from the Blues Brothers movies– you really owe it to yourself to give this a spin.

Props to my KC homie at There Stands the Glass for reminding me to give proper attention to this living legend. Check him out for another Artie track.

Lastly, I would like to take a general survey of anyone who cares to comment– should I move from Lawrence to KC? I work in Lawrence and thats not likely to change anytime soon. Would the commute be worth it? Please weigh in pro or con. I don’t especially love Lawrence.

Leaning Tree – Artie White (download&stream)

This is a mono rip from the original LP, if you have any sense at all you will go buy this on the remastered CD right now.