The Texas Instruments – s/t, 1987 (Rabid Cat Records)

I don’t know a lot about this band, but from what I can tell, they definitely have earned their place in the Austin music scene. The Texas Instruments (namesake of the Texas-born titan of circuits, calculators and embedded processing)  are frequently named as examples of Austin’s “New Sincerity” music style alongside other Austin groups such as the Wild Seeds, the Reivers and the True Believers. Recording with Daniel Johnston (Continued Story cassette, 1985) and appearing in the 1991 movie Slacker are certainly two large feathers in their “indie-cred” cap.

More than anything this record reminds me of the Screaming Trees, especially their 1987 release Even If and Especially When, a record I really, really like. Its a real bummer that this group seems to have fallen through the cracks (especially in the “Live Music Capital of the World” … *roll eyes*) Compare this track with Life’s Rich Pagaent-era R.E.M. and the comparisons the Athens’ scene are obvious. (Or compare to Athen’s heros Pylon for that matter.)  This is one of those “missing link” type bands that, in this case, didn’t ride the wave of punk that came before them or full-fledged grunge that rose to popularity several years later. RIYL Meat Puppets, R.E.M., Minute Men

Prussian Blue-The Texas Instruments (download&stream)

One response to “The Texas Instruments – s/t, 1987 (Rabid Cat Records)

  1. Wow. Thanks – I wore this record out in 1987.I used to have an awesome record collection … but alas I am married now, with several kids, and much of that lost its importance to me. But all I ever did for years was buy records and listen to music and as such I have many many songs etched in my mind which randomly come into my consciousness and I often find myself scouring the Internet to find them! On this disc, the instrumental ‘don’t let anything get empty’ is frequently in my head and I know I have not heard it for probably 15 years. Please post more if you get the notion! Thanks

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