Bastards – Monticello (Treehouse Records, 1989)

I swear, the first time I heard this album I thought “Gee, that sure sounds like Nirvana.” Not exactly like Nirvana, but you know, its in there. Maybe I just got confused because its a Butch Vig joint with a track named Lithium, but you gotta go with your gut on these things.

Picture it– 1989. Those grungesters in the northwest were busy shooting smack and buying flannel shirts. Meanwhile duo Joachim Brewer and Anthony Martin recorded this scorching LP in Minneapolis. Its cold there. And there is not a lot do to except hate the world and fantasize about stabbing people.

“Stick the knife into the hole / Cut you up / No self control”

Bastards – Hole (download&stream)

So who the heck are the Bastards? No, really who are they? I don’t know. They don’t pay me enough to do the research on these things. They really are quite a mystery. Look at this album back cover. Its got dude schlong on it, and yet it totally rocks. Such are the conundrums we must face in life.

“With a gun in my hand again / Lithium won’t make me happy”

Bastards – Lithium (download&stream)

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  1. Dope. More posts, please.

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