That’ll Work (2001) – Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers (I Hear Ya! Records, 1988)

So I was checking out the new Lil’ Wayne mixtape, No Ceilings, and was surprised to hear the distinctive theme song from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey sampled on the track Banned From T.V.

The track is solid right out of the gate. How Weezy comes up with these lyrics I will never know; this guy is constantly surprising me.

“Its Weezy mother fuckin’ / easy with the hatin’ / Bitch, I’m in the building / You just decorating / I’m just detonating  / then I get blatant / more things worse than internet dating”

I’m just trying to picture Weezy’s OKCupid profile–  About Me: I’m a beast, I’m a dog, I’m a mother fuckin’ problem. I also like to watch tennis

“I go hard like Rafael Nadal / And if the bitches were havin it, I bet we have them all / And man Im so high its like an ever-lasting fall / And I’m chargin these hoes like women basketball”

It reminded me of a weird Chuck Brown record I have that also samples the 2001 theme, That’ll Work (2001). Mr. Brown works the 2001 sample into a fairly straight-forward dance number, in the regional style of Go-Go music that he helped to popularize throughout the Washington D.C. area. This dude is a legend, if you like to shake your booty I highly recommend checking him out.

The 2001 theme was originally composed by Richard Strauss in 1896 as Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 (Thus Spoke Zarathustra). The composition has been sampled and incorporated into many popular works of the 20th century, owning to its distinctive refrain and its public domain copyright status. Less royalties, more kush. I think Chuck and Weezy would both agree with that.

Lil’ Wayne  – Banned from T.V. (download&stream)

Chuck Brown – That’ll Do (2001) (download&stream)

4 responses to “That’ll Work (2001) – Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers (I Hear Ya! Records, 1988)

  1. Speaking of Spacehog…they had a version of “Also sprach Zarathustra” called “The Hogyssey” on the album of the same name. We were talking about Spacehog? Right?

  2. Jonathan R. Smith

    Chuck’s 2001 (a.k.a: That’ll Work) was not sampled. I was the producer of the project which was recorded live at Sheffield Studio. We used Sony’s first digital recorder. It looked like and was as large as an Ice Box. We recorded it first on analog tape. Then we spliced it together and looped it so that it would run completely round the entire studio then back into the SONY digital. We actually stood inside what turned out to be the first digital loop to create the track. We did D.C. Don’t Stand For Dodge City (featuring Chuck Brown, Experience Unlimited ((a.k.a E.U. best known for their hit “Da But” featured in Spike Lee’s movie School Daze)), Trouble Funk, Little Benny & The Masters as well as D.C. Scorpio) in a similar production session.

    Best regards,

  3. Hey Jonathan! This is Bill Mueller, the guy who did all that engineering for you and Chuck and the other Go Go masters. We should talk!

  4. Hello Mr. Mueller. I read your post beacuse I have been trying to find the extended version [if any] of That’ll Work for years now. Where can I buy it?

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