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Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Crap

Consider it a Christmas miracle that this played all the way through. An ad for the Dodge Swept-Wing 58 is on the back. Wax on cardboard. Featuring the Lennon Sisters.
Season’s Greetings from your Dodge Dealer and Lawrence Welk (Cardboard Disc)



This is a promotional flexi-disc apparently sent to church choir directors to advertise a piece of Christmas music for sale by the Prince of Peace company. Its a sales pitch and a few samples.

J.T. Adams – A Christmas Cantata (Flexi Disc)

“Music from the forthcoming motion picture ‘The Story of Sparky.'” According to the liner notes this movie/album was 18 years in the making. Something this weird doesn’t happen overnight after all.

Music from “Sparky” – The Magic Candy Machine

Music from “Sparky” – Song of the Magic Horn