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Terry Sharman – One Mistake Too Many b/w High Plains John Deere Cowboy

God knows I’m the last person on Earth to know anything anything about wheat harvesting, even though I feel like a real slack asshole for having lived in Kansas so long to still be so ignorant on the subject. This song is an historical redneck ballad to riding the combine. And eating pickled eggs. While wearing alligator boots. Other side is a surprisingly dirty outlaw-country fantasy. Here’s the kicker though. I am pretty sure sure that “Terry Sherman” is a high school teach in Topeka. I don’t want to out the dude, so just trust me on this on.

I have found LOTS of stuff from Topeka recently. Makes me really wonder what happened to that town. Sad!

Terry Sharman – One Mistake Too Many
Terry Sharman – High Plains John Deere Cowboy


Alice in A Wonderland of great Standard Hits – Alice Hitchcock (Mr. Ree Records, 1960?)

Alice Hitchcock is in her middle forties and has had, and is still having, a very colorful career in the music world. Studying pipe organ at the early age of 15 years, she heard Ethel Smith and soon turned to the Electric Organ.  “Miss Hitchcock plays a solid, full organ and with a man’s strong touch,” Charlie Dawn of the Chicago Tribune wrote. Alice hails from Chicago. She wrote both words and music of “Walk on the Moon.”

Walk on the Moon – Alice Hitchcock

The Boos Brothers – Not Since I Found You (Quantum Records, 1976)

Say hello to John, Ron, Don and Dave– The Boos Brothers, from Kansas City, Missouri. Along with drummer Paul Walter (the blond one) the Brothers “have cut a wide happy path of truly exciting family entertainment.”

The Bros are backed by a terrifically lazy band who manages to make sludge out of otherwise normal pop songs. Add the wavering, almost hesitant Boos quartet on top and the end product is bordering on surreal, but dare I say– pleasant? The organ, guitar and bass trio (uncredited) have a style that can’t help but outshine the boys in the white jumpsuits.

These two track are both original numbers written by Don Boos (second from left.) This record should be appreciated for its authenticity, from the technical glitches in the songs to the typo on the back of the record. And if you listen to it in just the right mood, you might even enjoy it.

The Boos Brothers – By My Side
The Boos Brothers – We Call It Love