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Merry Christmas, Here’s Some Crap

Consider it a Christmas miracle that this played all the way through. An ad for the Dodge Swept-Wing 58 is on the back. Wax on cardboard. Featuring the Lennon Sisters.
Season’s Greetings from your Dodge Dealer and Lawrence Welk (Cardboard Disc)



This is a promotional flexi-disc apparently sent to church choir directors to advertise a piece of Christmas music for sale by the Prince of Peace company. Its a sales pitch and a few samples.

J.T. Adams – A Christmas Cantata (Flexi Disc)

“Music from the forthcoming motion picture ‘The Story of Sparky.'” According to the liner notes this movie/album was 18 years in the making. Something this weird doesn’t happen overnight after all.

Music from “Sparky” – The Magic Candy Machine

Music from “Sparky” – Song of the Magic Horn


Taking Pride In Topeka (Impact Broadcast Marketing, 1990)

Topeka is an Kaw word that means “a good place to grow potatoes.” That may be true, but it’s not good for much else.

Witness two desperate pleas for attention (for something other than being the home of the outrageously bigoted Westboro Baptist church): changing the name of town temporarily to “ToPikachu” in 1998 to capitalize on the raging Pokemon craze and changing it again in 2010 to “Google” in efforts to lure the search engine to building a new facility in Kansas.

This record is proof that Topeka was thinking up weird shit way before those two stunts. In 1990, far into the era of cassette tapes,  they decided that a promotional LP was the way to go. Ron Harbough narrates a short historical vignette preceding each schmaltzy, canned tune.  Why would anyone take pride in Topeka when they couldn’t even be bothered to find local musicians to record this incredibly boring record (all songs written and produced by Impact Broadcast Media, Nashville, Tennessee)? Just try to listen to these with a straight face. Ha!

Celebrate Topeka
Taking Pride in Topeka