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Keys – Jon Keyworth (Aspen Records, 1978)

“If we had won the Super Bowl, I was going to appear on the Johnny Carson show,” Keyworth said. “After we lost, I was on the ‘Dinah Shore Show’ and the (Broncos’) song was adopted by the American Cancer Society as its theme song. I made one album after that, but I left that song off of it. How bonehead was that?”

The Cowboys won the Superbowl and Jon Keyworth went down the road of pop singer obscurity.
His record is now notable for its nudity, the otherwise stale LP features the naked bums of the 1978 Dever Broncos. The songs are boring late 70’s rockers, not quite bad enough to be ironic and no where near good enough to be listenable. He never made music history, but his butt will be preserved for posterior-arity.