Pete Eye Trio – s/t (Cavern Custom Recordings, 1976)

I first heard about KC jazz pianist Pete Eye in the Jazz Ambassador Magazine April/May 2010 issue. He’s a long time figure on the jazz scene who unfortunately recently passed away.

The line up is: Pete Eye-Piano, Tommy Ruskin-Drums, Bob Branstetter-Bass.

Track one is a cover of the Meters classic “Sissy Strut.” Pretty good. The rest of album is a toss up. Pete’s cover of the theme from Love Story is OK I guess, if you are in tothat. Side two takes it in a different direction with a cover of Buddy Miles’ “Dem Changes.” Eh…it was the 70s.

Sissy Strut-The Pete Eye Trio (download)

The picture here is not the record being described in this post. I found the first Pete Eye Trip LP stuffed into this cover (the second, 1978 LP.) If you have the second LP with the fist LP cover maybe we can make a deal. (And hopefully that deal will be that you will give it to me.)

2 responses to “Pete Eye Trio – s/t (Cavern Custom Recordings, 1976)

  1. I don’t have the missing piece. Sorry. But I really need a copy of this entire LP. Let’s work it out. (Incidentally, Soul Sides featured this same MP3 several years ago. Based on your description, it’s not surprising that he featured the Meters cover.)

  2. Hey, I purchased the album pictured here at Zebedee’s yesterday.

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